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Moog Opus 3

Moog Opus 3
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Moog Opus 3
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The Moog Opus 3 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer manufactured in the USA in 1980. The Opus 3 is divided into three sections: The CHORUS/STRING section, the ORGAN section and the BRASS section. Some features: 2 separate filters including one that can be a HIGH PASS a LOW PASS or a BAND PASS filter. LFO, two different VCA mode... The Opus 3 is in fact the only one "string machines" ever made by MOOG. Although the Moog Opus 3 is used to create brass, organs or strings sounds, the Opus 3, with a little practice, is versatile enough to be used as a normal lead synthesizer. No other Moog is able to deliver certain types of sounds made with the Opus 3 . The Moog Opus 3 is clearly a unique Moog synth, it's sound is also very special, rich, voluptuous . A beautiful machine that will take you on land that you did not think to explore! It is a underrated synth because it does not deliver the "usual" Moog sound, for This "usual" Moog sound, prefer a Minimoog or a Prodigy.
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