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Sequential Circuits Six Trak

Sequential Circuits Six Trak
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Sequential Circuits Six Trak
Referencia : 111805
The Sequential Circuits Six-Trak is a polyphonic analog synthesizer manufactured in San Jose USA in 1984. It has MIDI input, an arpeggiator and a six track sequencer.
One oscillator per voice in polyphonic mode, or 6 stacked oscillators in monophonic mode, allowing very thick sounds. The Six Trak has numerous modulation opportunities, they are described in a table on the front panel of the synthesizer. Sound editing is quite simple: type the number of the parameter to modify and change the setting in real time with the "VALUE" rotary knob. It is actually quite simple and instructive having the editing table in front of you, that invites to venture into new horizons.
The Six Trak can produce versatile pads, terrific BRASS, electric piano and bass that have nothing to envy to some Moog.
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