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Spectral Audio Syntrack Wavetable

Spectral Audio Syntrack Wavetable
Spectral Audio Syntrack Wavetable
Referencia : 661120
The Spectral Audio Syntrack is a synthesizer that combines two technologies: analog and digital. A digital wavetable oscillator with many waveforms of departure, an analog filter and a real analog distortion. Each useful parameter has a knob adjustment: Cut Off, Resonance, Env Mod, Release, Decay, Distortion. Audio input to filter your sources through the Syntrack analog filter .A intelligent Mix of analog / digital make the Syntrack offering its very thick sounds ! Sometimes thicker than some vintage and modern analog synths ! It sounds can sound big, dirty, thin and clear, a real Swiss Army knife for modern studio ! A synthesizer capable of competing with much more expensive rivals !

We are official official dealer of Spectral Audio Syntrack, this synthesizer is new in its original package and comes with one year warranty. Like all thes synths selected in the ''Modern Synth'' section, has selected the Spectral Audio Syntrack for these sound qualities ! In the category ''Modern Synth'' only propose synthesizers selected according to our sound tastes, that's say.

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