Akai DD-X5013 Sampler To Synthesizer

Akai DD-X5013 Sampler To Synthesizer
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Akai DD-X5013 Sampler To Synthesizer
Referencia : 510040
Here is one very rare Akai DD-X5013 cable replacement. This cable is use in order to connect some Vintage Akai Sampler ( S612 ; S700 ; S900 ; S950 ) to the sampler input of Akai Vintage Synthesizers ( Akai AX73 ; Akai AX60 ; Akai VX90 ). This cable permit to use the sampler as a sound source in the synthesizer architecture, then you can filter your samples with the synthesizer filter, you can use the synthesizers VCA, LFO's... For simplify, imagine your sample as a VCO of your synthesizer. This really open a large new world of possibilities if you've got the chance to own a Vintage Akai Sampler and a Vintage Akai Synthesizer. Usually those who teste this configuration never want to go back!
Condition: New, 3 meter long

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France: 2,50 Euros
Europe (E.U): 3 Euros
USA/Canada: 3,90 Euros
Other countries: 3,90 Euros
39.0039.00 EUR