Akai VX90 / vx 90

Akai VX90 / vx 90
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Akai VX90 / vx 90
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The Akai VX90 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1986. It's a rack synthesizer controlled using a keyboard or MIDI sequencer. The VX-90 has 6 voice polyphony with a total of 6 VCO. UNISON mode: Possibility to stack the VCO for a thicker sound. MIDI IN OUT TRUE, analog filter with FM modulation of the filter (this is a rare option on a synthesizer, it allows to create original sounds with the filter). Ability to record 100 edited sounds. Special entrance for use the Akai samplers of that time (S-612, S-900 and S-950) as a source for the Akai VX90 synthesizer. There is also an very useful function in a VCO poly synth, the AUTOTUNE function. The sound quality of the akai Vx90 is very good and large. Here at our opinion is that the VX-90 is versatile, it's sound is as good as the sound of some much more expensive analog polyphonic synthesizers. Editing sounds is not complicated: you type the parameter number to be changed and you changes the parameter seeting by mooving the VALUE slider, that is all.
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Akai VX90 Sampler In Cable 13 Pin VX 90
Akai VX90 Sampler In Cable 13 Pin VX 90
39.00 EUR