Arp Odyssey Mk3

Arp Odyssey Mk3
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Arp Odyssey Mk3
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Vintage Arp Odyssey Mk3 for sale:

The Arp Odyssey Mk3 is a monophonic/duophonic analog synthesizer made in 1978 in Newton USA. The Vintage Arp Odyssey can be musical, but it is especially comfortable in special effects creation. Some of its features: 2 VCO, LFO 1, 1 ADSR, 1 AR, 1 LOW PASS filter, 1 filter HIGH PASS, S & H modulations ...
Note that the Arp Odyssey is duophonic, that is a primary duophonic but it is interesting to indicate this because it is the first analog synthesizer to incorporate this option.
At this time (the 1970's), the research synthesizer proposed by ARP was the ARP 2600, the Arp Odyssey is actually a kind of reduced ARP 2600, reduced to the size of a "transportable" synthesizer.
The vintage ARP Odyssey is clearly a professional synthesizer providing a rich and broad sound palette. It is a professional synthesizer in the sense of subtractive synthesis knowledge will be needed to take full advantage of its potential, if you are looking for your first analog synthesizer go away, the Arp Odyssey may be too complex. The Arp Odyssey has been used and is used by artists like Mark Pritchard, Moderat, M83, Jean Michel Jarre, Panic! At the Disco, !!!, Hot Chip, Air, Herbie Hancock ...
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