Crumar Bit 01

Crumar Bit 01
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Crumar Bit 01
Referencia : 111905
The Crumar Bit 01 is racked analog synthesizer, made in Italy in 1986.
This is a 6 voices polyphonic synthesizer. Two analog oscillators per voice. Resonant analog filter, analog envelope, two LFO ... 99 memory locations to store your own sounds. Note that the LFO are digital, allowing very fast to very slow LFO's. MIDI IN, MIDI THRU. Can be used in SPLIT MODE (two sounds at the same time with three voices per sound.
With rich modulations, the Crumar Bit 01 can create a wide range of sounds, and being useful in many different music style.

The Crumar Bit 01 for sale here is good good cosmetic condition and is in perfect working order ! (fully serviced in our workshop).

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