Crumar Bit 99

Crumar Bit 99
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Crumar Bit 99
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The Crumar Bit 99 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer made in Castelfidardo, Italy in 1985. It is one of most under estimated vintage analog synthesizers. According to our tastes, the sound of this synth is superb. It is very comfortable in the bass, but also in other areas. Despite having its own character, the sound sometimes seems like the best from Oberheim. The Crumar Bit99 has 6 fully analog channels with two oscillators per channel. An ADSR envelope , an envelope for the filter. 2 LFOs, 99 location to store the sounds. MIDI IN OUT THRU...
The programming of its own sounds is not much complicated as the printing on the front panel reminds you the various settings for sound editing. You type the parameter number to change and change it's value using the + and - buttons, simple!
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