Crumar Multiman S (Orchestrator)

Crumar Multiman S (Orchestrator)
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Crumar Multiman S (Orchestrator)
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Crumar Multiman S for sale:

The Crumar Multiman S is a string machine manufactured in Italy in 1977. The Multiman S is entirely polyphonic, it offers 6 different sounds: 1. An editable BRASS sound (very good) with ATTACK and DECAY settings as well as CUTOFF named here CONTOUR and RESONANCE named here EMPHASIS. 2. A non-editable BASS sound. 3. A electric PIANO sound (nice). 4. A CELLO sound. 5. A VIOLIN sound. 6. A CLAVICHORD sound. All sounds SUSTAIN can be edited (for newbies: the SUSTAIN is a bit like a reverb time). The keyboard is divided into two parts, the left part of the keyboard and the right part. Each part has a volume control for each sound. There is also an adjustable High / pass filter for the CELLO and VIOLIN sounds. The Crumar Multiman S also has a VIBRATO with adjustable DEPTH and SPEED. Unlike some false "info" that you could read on other synthesizers sites the STRING sounds from the Crumar Multiman passes through an analog CHORUS. Also, few people know, but the BRASS filter is a transistor based filter designed by Bob Moog himself, that was consultant for Crumar in the late 70's, needless to say that this filter sounds great. The Crumar Multiman was created to be transportable for the professional musicians of that time, then it is well protected, therefore quite heavy (a little more than 20kg).
The Crumar Mutiman S was and is used by artists like: Mark Ronson, Duran Duran ...

The Crumar Multiman for sale here is not in very good cosmetic order (check pictures they are from the actual Multiman for sale): some missing spot on the tolex, the wood a bit damaged here and there , some keys physically a bit higher than others. The cover is included in this sale (not pictured ) but it is not in good cosmetic condition. Despite these few defects, the wood structure is still rock solid.
This Crumar Multiman has been fully serviced in our workshop it is in perfect working order and is sold with 1 month warranty.

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