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E-MU Pro/Cussion For Sale:

The E-MU Pro/Cussion is a percussion module made in the USA in 1991. The PRO/CUSSION is MIDI controllable. It has many sounds of drums, percussion, electronic drums, vintage rhythm box sounds. Some sounds are original samples directly from the E-MU EMULATOR sample library, these are high quality samples, with punch and very recognizable.
You can also edit your own drum sounds in several ways: by stacking several sounds in the memory, or by mixing them with raw waveforms, modifying the PITCH, volumes ... Once your sounds are created you can group them in a drum kit that can hold up to 32 sounds: Your bass drum (s), snare drums, cymbals ... With a bit of editing your drum kit will be unique, your beat will become your sound signature .
The E-MU Procussion is one of the most underestimated vintage MIDI modules because it is not widely used. Grab one before everyone knows!
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