EDP Wasp synthesizer

EDP Wasp synthesizer
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EDP Wasp synthesizer
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The EDP Wasp is a monophonic synthesizer manufactured in the United Kingdom in 1979. 2 oscillators, 1 LFO, VCA envellope, envellope for the filter, low pass, band pass and high-pass filter ... All plastic construction and sensitive keyboard. But under the plastic case, a true electronic music "weapon" is hidden! There is a large palette of achievable sounds and the possibilities of modulations are also consequent. The sensitive keyboard allows a way of playing music impossible to achieve with any other common keyboard type. The Wasp filter can be "round" or "sharped", so it is equally good in musical territories as experimental territories. The Electronic Dream Plant Wasp was designed by Chris Hugget who also designed the Oscar synthesizer, a other big name in the electronic music.
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