Ensoniq ESQ-M Battery

Ensoniq ESQ-M Battery
Ensoniq ESQ-M Battery
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Vintage Synthesizer parts, Ensoniq ESQ-M Parts:

The part to sell here, is a battery replacement for your Ensoniq ESQ-M vintage synthesizer. Unlike other vendors on the web that sell poor quality batteries manufactured in China, the battery we offer here is an high quality, made in Japan Panasonic battery, that will last longer. Soldering needed. If you do not have the equipment or experience, the battery should be installed by a qualified technician.
CONDITION : New. (Picture is for illustration only, the Panasonic battery you will receive may differ)

Shipping to:
France: 3 Euros
Europe (E.U): 4 Euros
USA/Canada: 5 Euros
Other countries: 5 Euros
2021-12-31 14.8914.89 EUR
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