Ibanez UE-300

Ibanez UE-300
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Ibanez UE-300
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The Ibanez UE-300 is an analog stomp-box made in Japan in 1981. It includes 3 stomp-boxes into a single unit: the Ibanez CP9, the CS9 and the famous Ibanez TS9 tube screamer. So, 3 effects are available: A analog compressor/limiter, an analog distortion and a analog chorus. The compressor limiter is effective even in studio use. The chorus is subtle but sounds a bit like a Arp Solina chorus. The distortion is simply excellent! This Ibanez distortion is considered as one of the best distortion stomp-box ever created. This ibanez TS9, alone, currently sells for over 250 Euros.
The Ibanez UE-300 can provide a unique touch to your sound productions, forget the "guitarist" aspect of a stomp-box, and feed this effect unit with your synthesizers, drum machines, your Game Boy ...

This Ibanez UE-300 is in fair cosmetic order(check pictures). This Ibanez UE-300 was completely revised in our workshop and is in perfect working condition.

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