KORG M500 Micro-preset

KORG M500 Micro-preset
KORG M500 Micro-preset
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The Korg Micro-Preset is a monophonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1977. It has 30 presets, some are editable. Settings for Pitch, Attack, Sustain, LFO, Vibrato, Portamento, Traveler (what Korg calls ''Traveler'' is in fact a cutoff). The Korg M500 is surprising: it is small in appearance but can deliver very ''thick'' bass and a wide variety of typical analog sounds. It is true that certain sounds, including bass, are very close from those of the korg MS-10.
The Korg Micro Preset is a great little analog synthesizer for who is looking for the phatt vintage Korg Bass, without spending all your money in the purchase of an MS-10 or MS20. The Korg Micro-preset is also a very good choice as a first analog synthesizer, or for a rock band in search of some analog sounds.
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