Korg 900Ps Analog Synthesizer

Korg 900Ps Analog Synthesizer
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Korg 900Ps Analog Synthesizer
Referencia : 111875
Korg 900PS is a monophonic analog synthesizer manufactured in Japan in 1975. The typical "presets" of the era are here: SYNTH BASS, TRUMPET, VIOLIN, HARPSICHORD ... You can edit these "presets" to create your own textures. The editing parameters are: REPEAT, Vibrato, ATTACK, SUSTAIN, OCTAVE, PORTAMENTO, PITCH BEND, forte, HARMONICS, FILTER CUTOFF called here: TRAVELER.
Korg 900PS has an interesting option to add expressiveness to play: Some parameters can be actuated by touching a chrome bar located on the front of the keyboard: a kind of AFTERTOUCH. At the sound level, we are right in "The" vintage Korg sound from the early hours: thick, warm and dynamic. This synthesizer can be useful in electronic music but is especially oriented for solos. Beautiful melodies will be enhanced by the warmth of the KORG 900PS VCO's.
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