Korg Delta

Korg Delta
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Korg Delta
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The Korg Delta is a polyphonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1979. It has a synthesizer section + a sting section. The polyphony is complete, the synthesizer and strings sounds are mixable. In The synthesizer section you can choose a low-pass or a bandpass filter. Synthesizer and strings envelopes are independently adjustable. A joystick allows some interesting modulation (on the filter or oscillator). The Korg Delta can be controlled externally with its two "trig" inputs, and with a filter control input. There is a general Audio output or separate Synth/String audio. The nice sounding bandpass filter is a good point for modern electronic music. The string sounds are classics but this is often what is asked for a string machine. Despite its apparent simplicity, the Korg Delta is actually a surprising synthesizer, after a few hours of use, you realize that it can produce a wide range of typical analog sounds and this with a full polyphony! The Korg Delta weight is low for a vintage synthesizer (about 10 kilos) and a robust construction that is not found anymore in current machines, make the Korg Delta a good choice as a first analog synth and/or as "live" synthesizer.
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