Korg Em-1

Korg Em-1
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Korg Em-1
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The EM-1 is a groovebox manufactured by Korg in 2001. It is a sort of mix between the Korg EA-1 (synthesizer) and the Korg Er-1 (Drum machine). A classic 16 step sequencer, 2 synthesizer voices, 8 drum voices. Many effects: PHASER, COMPRESSOR, DELAY, RING MOD ... Many synthesizer sounds and drum sounds are already included. Also included are rhythmic and melodic patterns. These patterns cover a wide range of electronic music style, from hardcore techno to reggae through, house, dubstep, trance ... You will visualize clearly the construction of these patterns on the sequencer, then you will learn easily how to create a melodic and rhythmic. When you are a DJ, This is the perfect machine type to enter the music production quickly and without headaches!
The Korg Em-1 for sale here is in good cosmetic and is in perfect working order. Comes with Korg power supply.

Shipping to :
France: 18,75 Euros
Europe(EU): 29,75 Euros
USA/Canada: 56,80 Euros
Australia and other country: 71,75 Euros
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