Korg Lambda Es-50

Korg Lambda Es-50
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Korg Lambda Es-50
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The Korg Lambda is a polyphonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1979. The Korg Lambda is divided into two parts: the PERCUSSIVE part with ELECTRIC PIANO, CLAVI, PIANO, HARMONICS. The ENSEMBLE part with BRASS, ORGAN, CHORUS, STRINGS I, STRINGS II. All sounds of both parts can be mixed together with adjustable volume for each part. For the PERCUSSIVE part there is a DECAY,SUSTAIN and TREMOLO setting. For the ENSEMBLE part there is a Vibrato effect and the choice between fixed or variable envelope (ATTACK and SUSTAIN) for the 3 presets: CHORUS, STRINGS I,STRINGS II.
The Korg Lambda also has a fully analog CHORUS with phase adjustment which makes it very versatile sound. Other additional settings: a filter on the PERCUSSIVE part and a filter on the ENSEMBLE part. An independent CUTOFF for the BRASS preset. A CLICK level setting for the ELECTRIC PIANO.
For cexternal control and expressiveness, the Korg Lambda has several inputs for control pedals: FILTER, SUSTAIN ...
The Korg Lambda is a fully polyphonic, the sound is very distinctive, moving, alive. A mix of a string machine and a preset synthesizer. Like most of Korg synthesizers of that time, the sound is unique and rich is an important aspect in electronic music. Personally, at we love the korg lambda Sound!
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