Korg MS-10

Korg MS-10
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Korg MS-10
Referencia : 111922
The Korg MS -10 is a monophonic semi modular analog synthesizer manufactured in Japan in 1978. Some features : One thick VCO , a very effective filter, an analog ADSR envelope , LFO, 32 keys keyboard, the Korg MS10 is controllable CV/GATE ... The Korg MS- 10 is additionally a semi modular synthesizer, so you can experience a multitude of sounds by patching the synthesizer using standard jack/guitar cables . There is also an audio input to filter your external sources. The vintage Korg MS-10 is particularly good for low fat basses and special effects that shake the dance-floor. The Korg MS10 is easy to use, it's compact and robust, that make the Korg MS -10 a synthesizer which will have its place in the musical studio and in the music for many years. Note, that unlike the new mini ms-20 (released in 2013) the Korg MS-10 does not blow noise on the audio output! The Korg MS-10 was and is used by artists like: Daft Punk, Autechre , !!!, The Chemical Brothers , Luke vibert , Röyksopp , Goldfrapp , Juan Atkins, Aphex Twin ...
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