Korg Poly 800 With Filter mod

Korg Poly 800 With Filter mod
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Korg Poly 800 With Filter mod
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The Korg Poly- 800 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1983. Eight voices Polyphony with one oscillator per voice or 4 voices polyphony with two oscillators per voice . 64 memory locations for storing your own sounds . LFO , an analog filter , pitch control and modulation control using a joystick. In 1983/84 the Poly 800 was a direct competitor of the Juno 106 , the Poly 800 does not offer direct control using faders, but the Poly 800 has a good sound, a smaller size a lighter weight and especially a lower price.
The Korg Poly 800 is a good polyphonic synthesizer for those who want the typical 80s sounds with the analog quality and without breaking the bank. Namely, if you takes the time to go into the synthesizer programming, you can quite easily create complex sounds, because all parameters are clearly written in a logical and didactic way on the synthesizer front panel.

Street Price in 1983: 1065€
Correspond to today value: 2080€
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