Korg Sigma

Korg Sigma
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Korg Sigma
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The Korg Sigma is a monophonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1979. It is a largely underestimated vintage synthesizer because it is not widespread. His electric organ look has certainly caused the participation in its commercial non-success? But when the ears are open, the SIGMA proves it is a synthesizer with a very strong personality and expressiveness!
The Korg Sigma offers two distinct sections: the SYNTHE section and the INSTRUMENT section. Both sections are mixable and each have their separate audio output.
The SYNTHE section offers several stackable waveforms, each waveform has a setting: some have a combined ATTACK/RELEASE adjustment, some have a DECAY adjustment ...
The INSTRUMENT part offers 11 different sounds. These are the "typical" analog sounds from the late 70s; As for the SYNTHE section, each INSTRUMENT sounds has an adjustment, some propose an ATTACK adjustment, some offer filter adjustment, others offer TONE adjustment... As in the SYNTHE section, all the INSTRUMENT sounds are stackable.
The left side of the control panel is the section called "EFFECT". It offer more functions to change the sound: OCTAVE UP, DOWN OCTAVE, PORTAMENTO, HOLD KEY, MULTIPLE TRIGGER. Leveling of the VIBRATO...
The SIGMA Level of expressiveness is very interesting: Two joystick, one for the Pitch and Vibrato, another for the LPF and HPF adjustment of the SYNTHE section. A KEYB SENSOR function to add Vibrato or PITCH UP or DOWN PITCH to the sounds. (The KEYB SENSOR is a kind of AFTERTOUCH; Reminder: the aftertouch is the ability to change a setting with the force exerted on the keyboard.) The Korg Sigma's sound is original, knowing being aggressive with a filter sharped like a sashimi knife, or knowing to sounds gentle with other filter settings. An important point in this time of modular synths resurgence, the Korg Sigma has CV GATE inputs and outputs, with for example a FM VCO input and a SYNTHE VCF FcM input ...
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