MN3009 BBD Delay Chip

MN3009 BBD Delay Chip
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MN3009 BBD Delay Chip
Referencia : 309720
Delay and chorus parts:

The part for sale here is a MN3009 , it is a BBD chip used in delay and chorus effects ( Juno-106, Juno-60...). This part is new, has been produced in 2018 and has been successfully tested in many devices; Unlike almost all fake MN3009 you could find elsewhere. You can buy our MN3009 chip by unit or by lot of two units, choose in the Options menu below.( Picture is for illustration only, the chip marking may slightly differ).
Condition: New.

Shipping to:
France: 2,50 Euros
Europe (E.U): 3 Euros
USA/Canada: 3,90 Euros
Other countries: 3,90 Euros
15.9915.99 EUR