Moog Memorymoog

Moog Memorymoog
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Moog Memorymoog
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The Memorymoog is a polyphonic analog synthesizer manufactured in Buffalo USA in 1982. At this time, although the electronics are different, Moog presented the Memorymoog as a polyphonic Minimoog. Some of the The Memorymoog characteristics: 6 voices , 6 analog filters, 18 analog oscillators , 100 user's memories, 32 potentiometers for sound edition, 3 waveforms by VCO... The Moog Memorymoog also has a complete arpeggiator, many modulations routing... It has also a autotuning system which re-tune the six voices.
At the sound level, the Memorymoog is one of the best polyphonic analog synthesizer, the sound is very lively and thick. The Mono mode is also very interesting to do "singing" or "crying" the 18 oscillators by pressing a single key ! The Memorymoog alone is capable of replacing a full set of analog synths: it can do almost everything, polyphonic rich harmonics tones, powerful leads, deep bass, complex special effects ...
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