Moog Mother-32

Moog Mother-32
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Moog Mother-32
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Moog come (back) in the modular synthesizer market by proposing the new Moog Mother 32 Eurorack compatible system. This is a semi-modular synthesizer, it can produce sounds on its own or can be connected to a eurorack modular synthesizer system. Some characteristics : One oscillator with FM mod input, Noise with output to communicate with a modular system. Analog filter with CUTOFF and RESONANCE inputs control, analog envelope with control input, LFO with Square and Triangle control output. a 32 steps sequencer...
The Moog Mother 32 is a good choice for those who want to enter into the euroracks synthesizers world: The sound quality, manufacturing quality, well chosen specifications, a very good quality/price ratio in our opinion.

You wants to trade your old synth/electronic gear against this new Moog Mother 32 synth? It is possible, just contact us letting us know the gear you've got to trade with.

Shipping to :
France: 16 Euros
Europe(EU): 21 Euros
USA/Canada: 40 Euros
Australia and other country: 40 Euros

Sent within 8 days.
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