Octave Voyetra VPK-5 Bushings

Octave Voyetra VPK-5 Bushings
Octave Voyetra VPK-5 Bushings
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Octave Voyetra VPK-5 Parts:

Octave Voyetra VPK-5 keyboard rubber bushings. There is one bushing under each key of the keyboard. they give a smooth feeling when activating a key. With time and wear they deteriorate and no longer fulfill their role. Replacing the bushings restore the keyboard action like the day the synthesizer left the factory. If the keyboard of your vintage synth is not level (keys physically higher than others), replacing the old bushings will solve that too. These bushings are available lubricated or NON-lubricated, they can be ordered individually, by lot of 5 pieces, by lot of 10 pieces or by full set, choose in the Options menu below.
Condition: New.

Shipping to:
France: 2,50 Euros
Europe (E.U): 3 Euros
USA/Canada: 3,90 Euros
Other countries: 3,90 Euros
2021-12-31 2.292.29 EUR
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