Peavey kosmos Pro

Peavey kosmos Pro
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Peavey kosmos Pro
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The Peavey kosmos Pro is a sub-harmonic processor and generator and a high-frequency enhancement processor made in the USA in 2003. It is an analog processor that offers 4 main functions:
-QUAKE = Adds a synthetic signal one octave lower than the original signal (very effective on beats).
-THUD = Sculpt your low frequencies by adding a natural signal about one octave higher than the sub-harmonics of the QUAKE processor.
-XPANSE = High Frequency Processor and Stereo Expander. Very useful for bringing out an instrument or a voice from a mix.
-STRATOS = Generates high frequencies to add clarity to a "poor" signal.
The Peavey Kosmos Pro gives very good results on synthesizers, Rhythm boxes, guitars, basses and complete MIX.
Of course, you can adjust all the effects with big knobs.
The Peavey Kosmos pro is a "Swiss knife" of the studio processor because it can radically give life and depth to your mix or instruments that would be missing. It is also worth mentioning that the Peavey Kosmos pro has got its place in home studio, because it is easy to use even for someone not use to the professional recording studio tools.
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