ROLAND RS-09 Vintage String Synthesizer

ROLAND RS-09 Vintage String Synthesizer
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ROLAND RS-09 Vintage String Synthesizer
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The Roland RS09 is a polyphonic analog String/organ synthesizer made in Japan in 1979. It is composed of two distinct parts: one ORGAN part and one STRING part. The two parts can be played together or separately. There is also a nice built-in ''ensemble'' effect. The ROLAND RS09 is an ideal vintage string/machine for those who want to enjoy a nice typical synthetic violin and Organ sound of the 70', without spending the 1000 euros of a very heavy Solina string ensemble. The Roland Rs-09 is one of the most transportable vintage string machine, it weighs only approximately 6Kg. On the ROLAND RS09 there is little editing parameters, but what he does, he does it well. The Roland RS09 was or is used by artists like: Joakim, Juan Atkins, The Cure, aphex twin, Talk Talk, Simple Minds, Michael Stein on the "Stranger Things" original Sound Track...
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