Roland Juno-6 / Juno 6

Roland Juno-6 / Juno 6
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Roland Juno-6 / Juno 6
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The Roland Juno-6 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1981. Some features: 6 voice polyphony, an oscillator and a sub oscillator per voice. An arpeggiator, a simple but complete control surface to sculpt your sounds. High pass filter, low pass filter, an LFO, two levels of chorus to make the sound more alive. The Juno-6 is a classic, this is the first model produced in the Roland Junos series. The Roland Juno-6 is a well built, solid synthesizer with the typical Roland 80s sound. Compared with the Juno 60, the Juno-6 lacks the storage of sounds, but some (clever) people prefer an analog synthesizer without memory, because it calls for more experiments to create original sounds.
The Juno-6 was and is used by artists like: Disclosure, Mark Ronson, ladytron, Duran Duran, Enya, Sean Lennon ...
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