Roland R-8

Roland R-8
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Roland R-8
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The R-8 is a drum machine made in Japan in 1989 by Roland. The R-8 is equipped with MIDI IN OUT THRU, it has a 68 sounds drum kit. The number of sounds can be increased using additional ROM cards. The PADS are velocity sensitive, the sounds are editable for some parameters: PITCH, DECAY ... A sound editing parameter is called "NUANCE", it is in fact a high pass filter for certain sounds or it is a parameter that gives more realism to other sounds. The Roland R-8 was designed with many "humanizing" functions in order to replace a real drummer. Programming is slightly more complex than programming a TR707/ 727... But the sound quality is stunning and actually very realistic. The Roland R-8 was and is used by artists like Jimmy Edgar, Autechre and many more ... Aphex Twin uses intensively the Roland R-8 which is highly present on his latest album SYRO.
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