Roland SP-808

Roland SP-808
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Roland SP-808
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Roland Sp-808 for sale:

The Roland SP-808 is a Groovebox/Sampler made in Japan in 1998. The SP-808 includes several machines in one:
a sampler, a hard disk recorder, a sequencer, an effects processor, a Virtual synthesizer and control knobs.
This is a very practical machine to transpose the "sample" part from a "song" to "live act". You can remix everything by tweaking knobs or using the DBEAM controller ( a theremin-like controller to control parameter by the hand moves.
For a total composition with the SP-808, the internal editing system makes it easy to stall the samples tempos between each other. The Time Stretch (changing the tempo of a sample without changing its "tone") of the SP-808 is both powerful and easy to use.
MIDI IN OUT, 4 stereo voice of polyphony... Normally the SP-808 has a 100MB ZIP reader/recorder to store samples and audio tracks. The version on sale here has been modified to accommodate a 250MB ZIP, then the sampling time which passes from 25 min for a original SP-808 version to 62 minutes of sampling for the modded version on sale here.
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