Roland Sh-2000 Vintage Analog Synth

Roland Sh-2000 Vintage Analog Synth
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Roland Sh-2000 Vintage Analog Synth
Referencia : 111800
The Roland Sh-2000 is a monophonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1973. It has one oscillator, 30 presets and an editing section to edit sounds from the presets. Some of the editing functions: LFO CUTOFF, RESONANCE, Random notes generator... The proposed presets are simple but typically "vintage" and are quality sounds, they simulate orchestral sounds for the most part. The Roland Sh-2000 has a very useful function to make the sound even more expressive. This function is usually called AFTERTOUCH. Roland called here "Touch Effect". The Aftertouch modulates the signal according to the force exerted at the touch of a key. For example, play with your right hand, modulate a parameter with your left hand, modulate another parameter by pressing harder on the keys ...
Like some other synthesizers produced before 1980, the sound of sh-2000 is thick and typically "vintage". The advantages of the roland sh-2000 are: It is very well constructed, it is rock solid. It has a thick and typed sound, a good expressibility, a large sounds variety, making the Sh-2000 a perfect machine to be sampled or played live.
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