Rolland S-760

Rolland S-760
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Rolland S-760
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The Roland S-760 is a sampler made in Japan in 1994. The Roland S-760 is the high-end model from the Roland S-xxx series. All Roland sampling know-how was introduced in this 1U format sampler. All old models from the S-xxx series sound libraries are compatible. The sound quality of the Roland S-760 is exceptional; The sound you enter comes out colored in a very musical and warm way. It is sometimes very interesting to sample a complete mix thru the S-760.
Note that the sound can be greatly modified as on an analog synth with the help of good quality resonant filters and multiple LFO modulations ...
A BITREDUCER and the choice between different sampling frequencies also make it possible to convincingly mimic the sound grain from "more vintage" samplers.
Many of the big names in electronic music sold their E-mu and Akai to keep only one Roland S-760.
The sampler Roland S-760 has been and is used by artists like: Daft Punk (indicated as their favorite sampler in an interview), Alan Braxe (stardust) ...
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