Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 Module

Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 Module
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 Module
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The DSI Prophet 6 Desktop is the keyboard-less Prophet 6 version (2015). The Prophet 6 is an hybrid synthesizer (Analog for the synthesis part, digital for the effects part). Some features: 6-voices with two oscillators per voice, low pass filter, high pass filter, two envelopes, LFO, arpeggiator, MIDI IN OUT THRU, integrated digital multi-effect that can be bypassed allowing a 100% analog signal.

You wants to trade your old synth/electronic gear against this new Prophet 6 Desktop? It is possible, just contact us letting us know the gear you've got to trade with.

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France: 26,50 Euros
Europe(EU): 48 Euros
USA/Canada: 113 Euros
Australia and other country: 113 Euros

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