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Siel Cruise
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Siel Cruise
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Roland Jx8p for sale:

The Roland JX8P is a polyphonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1984. It has 6 voice of polyphony with two analog oscillators per voice. An analog filter, analog envelope, an LFO, MIDI IN OUT THRU, 61 notes keyboard ...
The Roland JX8P can record a total of 64 sounds (32 presets + 32 user sounds), more with optional memory cartridges. The JX8P is adapted to the studio but also to the live thanks to its dynamic keyboard (the volume changes according to the force applied when you press a key ...) and its AFTERTOUCH (modifies a parameter of the sound in relation to the pressure exerted after pressing a key). The pitch bender is programmable and can control the LFO.
Sounds editing is very simple: you enter the parameter number you wants to change and you modify it using the dedicated slider.
In option, it is also possible to add an external controller(Roland pg-800) to the JX8P, adding direct control on all the parameters.
The Roland JX8P is reputed to be rather skillful in PAD sounds, which is true, but it is also comfortable for all other sounds type you would like to create with an analog synth: Brass, bass and special effects will be on the "rendez-vous".
A great polyphonic analog synthesizer that sounds wide and warm.

With some scruffs and dings here and there; Some discolored area on the plastic case; Some keys whiter than others; This Roland JX8P is in acceptable cosmetic for it's age (check pictures, they are from the actual item for sale). This Roland JX8P has been state of the art serviced in our workshop, so it is in perfect working order. Sold with a 1 month warranty.
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