Spectral Audio NEPTUNE II

Spectral Audio NEPTUNE II
Spectral Audio NEPTUNE II
Referencia : 661110
The Spectral Audio Neptune II is a fully analog monophonic synth! He has three real VCO stabilized in temperature (for a better stay in tune), a 24db analog cascade filter, with Lowpass or HIPASS, two ADSR envelope with one dedicated to the filter. The third oscillator can be switched to LFO, note that this LFO has a wide speed range of oscillations (allows for slow and fast LFO). MIDI IN OUT THRU to communicate with the rest of your modern studio, and with Cv/gate Inputs and Outputs to also communicate with your Vintage synths. A AUDIO IN to filter your external sources. The Neptune II also features a rare function on analog synths : A full analog internal DISTORTION and FUZZ, this adds tremendous character to the sound of the Neptune II, and will also add character to, your synth lines of course ! Even the noise section of the Spectral Audio Neptune II is also fully analog !

With the Spectral Audio Neptune II has selected for you the best of modern analog synthesis at a price Accessible to the largest number. A synthesizer who can make sounds from TB303 typed acid basslines to fat Moog typed basses.
Synthesizer new in its box, with a one year warranty.

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France: 16,20 Euros
Europe(EU): 28,95 Euros
USA/Canada: 52,90 Euros
Australia and other country: 67,50 Euros
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