Studio Electronics SE-1

Studio Electronics SE-1
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Studio Electronics SE-1
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The Studio Electronics SE-1 is a monophonic analog synthesizer manufactured in Encino California in 1994. It is a synthesizer inspired by the original Minimoog, in order to be able to MIDI controlling everything the Minimoog was capable of. As on the original Minimoog the SE-1 has three analog oscillators and the famous 24db analog low-pass filter.
Some of the functions of the Studio Electronics SE-1: 3 synchronisable analog oscillators, 4 ADSR envelope within 2 assignable. MIDI IN OUT THRU, an 24db analog low-pass filter, a 12db "low pass" or "band-pass" filter recalling the Vintage Oberheim filters characteristics. Three LFO, a noise generator ...
We have compared many Minimoog-like analog synthesizers, and we think/feel that on the not live tweaked sounds the SE-1 is one that is closest to minimoog original sound. There are fewer differences between the SE-1 and the vintage Minimoog sound, than between the Moog Voyager and the Vintage Minimoog sound. On the other side,unfortunately you can sometimes hear steps in the sound with the Studio Electronics, notably on the filter section. Let's summarize: The sound of the Minimoog + full MIDI implementation + 198 locations to save your sounds + a much lower used price than a vintage Minimoog or a Moog Voyager Rack = :).
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