Syntecno Tee Bee

Syntecno Tee Bee
Syntecno Tee Bee
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The Syntecno Tee Bee is a monophonic analog rack synthesizer manufactured in Holland in 1997. With the Syntecno, we get a sound close to the TB-303, a little less acid, but the Tee Bee is more versatile because it can also produce thicker bass than the original TB-303.
Controls : Tuning, Cutoff, Resonance, Env Mod, Decay, an external input for filtering external audio ! The Tee Bee has four CV outputs and four GATE outputs, and a SYNC output (Roland synchronization format, precursor of the MIDI, present on machines like the TR-808 TB-303 TR-606 ...). The Syntecno Tee Bee is therefore also a very good MIDI-> CV / Gate converter, capable of controlling four analog synths at the same time whatsoever Rolands (Volt / Octave) or Korg (Herz / octave) , the Only CV / Gate format wich is not accepted, is the MOOG CV/GATE.
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