Waldorf Micro Q

Waldorf Micro Q
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Waldorf Micro Q
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The Waldorf Micro Q is a polyphonic digital synthesizer manufactured in 2000 in Germany. It is the Waldorf Q lighter version. The Micro Q has got six live controllers to sculpt the sound. Up to 25 simultaneous voices can be used. Up to 3 oscillators + 2 sub-oscillators are available per voice, this allows very complex sounds if you takes the time to "program" the waldorf micro Q. The Micro Q has an integrated arpeggiator, several filters type, four envelopes and an enormous modulation matrix, allowing to almost everything modulate. Modulations examples are included to help the novices to understand the interesting sources and destinations to be modulated. On the sound side, the Waldorf Micro Q navigates between two synthesis types: -VA for Virtual Analog: Digital imitation of an analog synth and -Wavetable for "80's digital" typical sounds. The Micro Q offers a wide sound palette for those who will take the time to program sounds. The Micro Q is at ease to reproduce certain analog sounds notably the "acid" sounds from the TB-303; It is also at ease in "Eurodance" or "Glitch" typical sounds, it is a perfect tool for the current types of electronic music. The presets offer a wide range from Moog bass to the most modern digital sounds. A very good choice for who wants a wide range of electronic sounds in a small format.

Apart a few scruffs and dings, this Waldorf Micro Q is in good cosmetic order. This Waldorf Micro Q has been internally checked and fully tested it is in perfect working order and is sold with a 1 month warranty.

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