Waldorf Microwave Xt

Waldorf Microwave Xt
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Waldorf Microwave Xt
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The Waldorf Microwave XT is a wavetable digital synthesizer manufactured in Germany in 1998. The wavetable synthesis is a special synthesis capable of creating original sounds like with a PPG Wave (one of the first synthesizer based on "wavetable" synthesis, released in the early 80s). The sound engine of the Microwave xt is also a direct descendant from the Waldorf Wave (the biggest Waldorf synthesizer that is sold today, at the end of 2016 to more than 6000 €).
The Waldorf Microwave Xt has 10 voices of polyphony, two oscillators based on wavetable synthesis, three envelopes, two LFOs, a filter with 7 different modes, embedded effects to make the sound even more moving: Chorus, Flanger, Overdrive, Delay , Amp Mode.
The Waldorf Microwave Xt is controlled in MIDI, so it has three MIDI ports: MIDI IN, OUT, THRU. The Waldorf Microwave Xt has 44 potentiometers to sculpt the sound in direct time. The potentiometer also transmits MIDI information, the Microwave Xt can be used as a MIDI controller.
The sound of the Microwave XT can be very typical for making unique sounds, but it can also imitate many classic analog sounds. It is a very good synthesizer, powerful, compact and capable of being used in many sound territories.
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