YAMAHA SY-1 Sintetizador analogico

YAMAHA SY-1 Sintetizador analogico
YAMAHA SY-1 Sintetizador analogico
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The YAMAHA SY-1 is a analog monophonic synth made in Japan in 1975.In fact,it's Yamaha's first affordable synthesizers. It features filter, Envelope, Vibrato, Attack Bend, Portamento, Pulse Width ... There are 28 preset sounds which can be edited. The sound of this vintage synth is really good: from smooth to aggressive sounds, specially with the helpp of his filters, VCO and VCA that are simply the same as used in the YAMAHA dream machine the YAMAHA GX1 (Aphex Twin, The Tuss, Stevie Wonder, ABBA...). The YAMAHA SY-1 is in fact a monophonic portable GX-1 ! On the YAMAHA SY-1, there's also a after-touch called ''touch control'' for fun live-performance-ability.
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