Yamaha Cs-50

Yamaha Cs-50
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Yamaha Cs-50
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The Yamaha CS-50 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer manufactured in Japan in 1977. Some features: 4-voice polyphony, one VCO per voice, one LFO, two filters, one high pass filter, one low pass filter, two envelopes, a AFTERTOUCH, a RING MODULATOR ... The Yamaha CS-50 synthesizer precedes the CS-80 production, the electronic architecture is almost the same and you get almost all the Yamaha Cs-80 sound characteristics. But the CS-50 is more portable: 36 kg (80 lbs) for the Cs-50, against 100 kg (220 lbs) for the Cs-80! On the Yamaha CS-50, the keyboard and the AFTERTOUCH functioning are a little different than the CS-80. These small differences make the Yamaha Cs-50 keyboard action is more suitable for those prefer a "synthesizer" feeling; The CS-80 keyboard action is more suitable for those who prefer a "piano" feeling (the keys are weighted on the CS-80). In our opinion, the Yamaha CS-50 is the best value for money in Yamaha Cs polyphonic series.
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