Yamaha RS7000 Soft Touch Switch

Yamaha RS7000 Soft Touch Switch
Yamaha RS7000 Soft Touch Switch
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Yamaha RS7000 parts :

The part to sell here is the soft push switch for your Yamaha RS7000 Vintage sequencer/sampler.
These switch are made in Japan, they are exactly the same switch used by Yamaha with the exact same touch feeling. They are not Chinese copy that you could find elsewhere. That means our switch will last longer.
If like us you love Vintage Synthesizers, please, restore your Vintage Samplers only using high quality parts. Soldering needed. If you do not have the equipment or experience, it should be installed by a qualified technician. You can buy them individually, per batch of 10 units or for all the Seq White buttons ( 16 units ) or by complete set ( 27 units). Choose in the Options menu below.

Shipping to:
France: 2,50 Euros
Europe (E.U): 3 Euros
USA/Canada: 3,90 Euros
Other countries: 3,90 Euros
2021-12-31 1.851.85 EUR
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