Yamaha VL1 Version 2 Upgrade Kit

Yamaha VL1 Version 2 Upgrade Kit
Yamaha VL1 Version 2 Upgrade Kit
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The item to sell here is the Yamaha VL1 software Version 2 Upgrade Kit. The version 2 upgrade will offer you a totally new more powerful synth with a lot of improvement, new menus, new functions, new sounds, new controller options, the ability to play more synthetic tones and more realistic instruments too... This is the kit Yamaha was selling a few years ago, it comes complete: The Two Rom, The installation Guide, The Version 2 Disk (very important to get the Version 2 sounds. If you get only the two rom you will not have the new sounds specially designed for the version 2). and a digital copy of the version 2 owner's manual.

Shipping to:
France: 6 Euros
Europe (E.U): 9 Euros
USA/Canada: 10,50 Euros
Other countries: 10,50 Euros
2022-12-31 175.00175.00 EUR
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Yamaha VL1 Version 2
Yamaha VL1 Version 2
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