korg MS 20 Vintage analog synthesizer

korg MS 20 Vintage analog synthesizer
korg MS 20 Vintage analog synthesizer
Referencia : 111925
The "korg MS-20" is a monophonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1978. It features two analogue oscillators (VCO), two analog filters (VCF) (high pass, low pass) the filters are used both at the same time (very few other analog synthesizers offer this feature), two analog envelopes (VCA ), a "sample & hold" function, a noise generator (Noise), an LFO ... The section on the right side of the instrument is patch-able, allowing you to define your own signal routing or to use the KORG MS20 as an effect processor (plug other instruments in its filter ...). The Korg MS-20 is good at all types of analog sounds: bass, effects, leads, percussion sounds ... In appearance, the Korg MS-20 may seem complex, it is fact really easy to use and very informative on the principles of analog synthesis.
The Korg MS-20 was and is used by artists such as: Mr Oizo, Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Royksopp, Boys Noise, broadcast, Daft Punk ...
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