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Yamaha Cs01

Yamaha Cs01
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Yamaha Cs01
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Yamaha Cs01 for sale:

The Yamaha Cs01 is a monophonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1982. The Cs01 has the look of a toy but can shake the dancefloor with it bass! Indeed it is a small (49cmX16cm) analog synthesizer with a thick sound. It has all the basic components to form many different types of sounds. A VCO with 5 types of waves, a PITCH setting, LFO, GLISSANDO a NOISE GENERATOR, an analog filter with a CUT OFF setting and two levels of Resonance, an ADSR EG adjustment, a PITCH BEND wheel, a Modulation wheel, an integrated SPEAKER and an 1/4 audio, HEADPHONE output ...
The YAMAHA Cs01 is a very good choice for the purchase of a first analog synthesizer but it is also a very good choice for an advanced user that is looking for a secret weapon for his bass sounds!
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