Akai S900 Vintage 12-Bit Sampler

Akai S900 Vintage 12-Bit Sampler
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Akai S900 Vintage 12-Bit Sampler
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Akai S900 for sale:

The Akai S900 is a sampler made in Japan in 1986. It is not a "transparent" sampler and therefore it "color" the sound,
that is why this kind of vintage samplers including the Akai S900 are sought after: The Akai S900 sound
will give particular character and punch on the sounds you'll sample with. Note that this is one of easiest samplers
to use; It makes little but everything he does, he does it well! Maximum time of sampling
depending on the resolution used: from approximately twelve seconds to over a minute, which is finnally more than enough
These days.
Some technical features of the Akai s900: 8 separate outputs, a integrated disk recorder/reader,
an analog filter and an analog envelope, an LFO, MIDI IN OUT THRU, 12-bit sampling resolution with a frequency
changeable from 7,5Khz to 40Khz. Many parameters can be edited to create your own samples and loops:
Loop, cut, mirror, adjust dynamic envelope setting as on an analog synthesizer ...
Any artist operating in the fields of electronic music and Hip Hop music should pay attention
to the Akai S900.

Apart some rackin marks and a few scruff here and there this Akai S900 is in good cosmetic order. This Akai S900 has been state of the art restored in our workshop and is in perfect working order! Will come with 5 disks that contain samples + 5 blank disks. Sold with a 1 month warranty.

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Akai S900 OS Update Software 1.2
Akai S900 OS Update Software 1.2
25.00 EUR
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