Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
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The Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer manufactured in the USA in 1982. It is considered as the first synthesizer with MIDI. It is sometimes called the poor man's Prophet 5 , but consider them rather different : to summarize the Prophet 5 is more ''rounded'' soft '', the prophet 600 is more ''aggressive''. The Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 has 6 voice polyphony, each channel has two oscillators. Analog filter, analog envelope, an envelope for the filter, LFO modulation for the oscillators and for the filter and for the PW. There are also polyphonic modulation (as the Prophet 5). Arpeggiator, sequencer, 100 patches to record your own sounds, MIDI IN and OUT. A must have vintage synthesizers!

Street Price in 1984: 2800€
Would Correspond to today: 5400€

With only a slightly damaged wood corner and a few small scratch, the Prophet 600 for sale here is in good cosmetic and is in perfect working order! (State of the art professionally serviced and restored in our workshop).

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