Yamaha VL1 Version 2

Yamaha VL1 Version 2
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Yamaha VL1 Version 2
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Yamaha VL1 en venta:

The Yamaha VL1 is a digital synthesizer made in Japan in 1994. The Yamaha VL1 sound engine is the result of a long and tedious work from the best Yamaha Music engineers. This synthesis type, called "Physical Modeling" aims to recreate realistically and without the use of samples, 3 types of instruments: wind instruments, stringed instruments and analog synthesizers. This unique synthesis offers a variety of sounds just as unique. For example, imagine a sound mixing the attack of a violin string, the blast power of a hunting horn and the thickness of a minimoog bass. Of course you will need a little experience before creating exactly the sounds corresponding to your desires. But if you are a confirmed sound designer, it will only take you a few hours to realize the Yamaha VL1 huge potential.
Unlike what is written here and there on the internet, the Yamaha VL1 is 100% usable WITHOUT a breath controller.
The Yamaha VL1 offers huge and unmatched expressiveness : Two sliders for live editing. A pitchBend wheel. Two modulations wheels, a keyboard that responds to velocity, key aftertouch that reacts according to the pressure exerted on the keys (you can also add four pedals controller). All these controls allow you to simulate the subtlety of a real trumpet player or a real Hard Rock guitarist, and this applied to all types of sounds. For those who are also interested in electronics, it is good to know that the Yamaha VL1 is a "high end" synthesizer built with high quality components.

With only some discoloration on the synth body, some scruffs and dings here and there,this Yamaha VL1 is in good cosmetic order (check the pictures, they are from the actual VL1 for sale). This Yamaha VL1 has been state of the art serviced in our workshop, it has been updated to the Version 2 firmware. It comes with the Version 2 presets Disk and is sold including a 1 month warranty.

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Yamaha VL1 Version 2 Upgrade Kit
Yamaha VL1 Version 2 Upgrade Kit
175.00 EUR