ARP/ Rhodes Chroma Polaris

ARP/ Rhodes Chroma Polaris
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ARP/ Rhodes Chroma Polaris
Reference : 111825
The Fender Rhodes Chroma Polaris is a polyphonic analog synthesizer manufactured in the USA in 1984. The Polaris is one of the technologically most advanced vintage analog synthesizers, this is the latest synthesizer designed by the ARP engineers ( ARP was bought by CBS/Rhodes in 1982 ), the Polaris sounds undeniably like an ARP. Some of the features: 6 voice polyphony , 2 VCO per channel, 4-pole analog filter , ADR analog envelope, VCF envelope, 132 memory locations for storing your own sounds, MIDI IN and OUT/THRU, a sequencer, an LFO, the Polaris is multitimbral (the ability to play multiple sounds at the same time , spread over the keyboard or using multiple MIDI channels !) ...
The Fender Rhodes Chroma Polaris is a complete analog synthesizer with a true Sound personality, which is important when you want to build your own sound identity .
In addition to being a rare instrument, very few Polaris are sold on the second hand market, this is because its sound qualities! Chroma Polaris is and was used by artists such as : Jamie Lidell , Dave Clarke, Leftfield , Herbie Hancock ...

Street Price in 1984: 2000€
Correspond to today value: 3910€

The Chroma Polaris for sale here is in good cosmetic and is in perfect working order (fully serviced in our workshop). The Chroma Polaris has got uncommon features, this is not a beginner synthesizer.

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