Yamaha Keyboard Keys repair or what to do if your beloved Yamaha PSR keyboard has keys problems:
You've got a Yamaha PSR Keyboard with one or several non-working keys? Do not panic we have the solution to get you back to making music with your Yamaha psr keyboard.
In most case when some keys are not working on a Yamaha Psr Keyboard/Synthesizer the culprit is one or several defective Key contact strip.
These are Rubber key contact strips with carbon contacts pills that are under the Keys of your Yamaha PSR keyboard.
With the wear and tear of time, the keyboard storage conditions or the frequent use of the key, some keys can become inoperative or may need a lot more pressure to sounds.
Then you need to replace the keys contact strips of your non working keys.
Generally the Yamaha PSR rubber key contact strips come in 12 note or 13 note long.
At you will find almost all types of Key contact strip for your Yamaha Keyboard. No matter if your Yamaha synth is a Yamaha PSR-E313, a Yamaha PSR-220, a Yamaha PSR-330, a Yamaha PSR-320, a Yamaha PSR-510, a Yamaha PSR-1500... We will have the right rubber keys contact you need.
In most of the cases you will have only a few faulty keys on the whole keyboard but our advice is to replace all the key contact strip at one time in your Yamaha PSR vintage synthesizer; Because if one key contact strip fail, the other will fail soon or later. So if you replace all the key contact strips in one time, you won't have to disassemble again the keyboard, or pay again a technician to disassemble the keyboard (vintage synthesizers don't like to be taken apart too often). With new key contact strips your Yamaha PSR keyboard will works for many more years.

We are in the synthesizer business since more than 15 years, the key contact strips we provide are quality original Yamaha key contact strip, so don't loose your time and money by buying cheap knock off key contact strip that you could find elsewhere, mainly on big marketplaces... These knock off key contact strip won't last in best cases and will may need different pressure on the keys or will even not work in some cases; You have been warned.

To find the right original contact strip for your Yamaha PSR synthesizer and restore your Keyboard full glory just enter the model name of your synthesizer in the search bar of our website. Enter the model type in the Yamaha way, that's mean, for exemple enter Yamaha PSR-3000 and not Yamaha PSR3000.

By entering the model name of your synthesizer in the search bar you will also find other available parts for you Yamaha PSR synthesizer, some Yamaha PSR keys, some Yamaha PSR Volume potentiometer...
You will also find here more key contact strips for your professional Yamaha vintage synthesizers, then you will find Yamaha TYROS key contact strip, Yamaha MOX6 key contact strip, Yamaha MODX7 key contact strip, Yamaha MM6 key contact strip, Yamaha CS1X key contact strip...

We are, the vintage synths specialists, so if you need any advice or have any questions feel free to ask and drop us an e-mail.
A small sample of the Key contact strips you can find in our shop:
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